Items You Should Never Forget – wedding flowers Orange County

Items You Should Never Forget – wedding flowers Orange County

Planning a wedding can be tough and exhausting. In fact, some couples decide to back out on weddings because of the preparation time and of course, the cost. There’s just a lot you have to do – things to budget on and flowers Orange County

But, your wedding is probably one of the most important events in your life. It is a day where you can officially be with the person you love. Everything should go well. So, here are the top items you should never forget on your wedding day.

  • Rings

Your wedding rings are your symbols of unity. These are what you’re going to put on your husband or your wife’s finger as you make your vows. A wedding without a wedding ring is no wedding at all.

  • Wedding Officiate

Of course, someone has to officiate your wedding. Your wedding officiate can be a pastor or minister if you’re going to be married in a church or a chapel. Of course, it can be someone authorized to perform a wedding. Choose an officiate you are comfortable with.

  • Guest List

Your wedding is not complete without the people who will witness. So, start listing people you’d invite. Send invitations as early as possible so you can estimate the number of guests to be expected.

  • Location

Consider the wedding venue and the reception venue. To save money, it will be better if the wedding ceremony is just near or in the same place as the reception. That way, you can save up on transportation.

  • Photographer and Videographer

In every celebration, people always look out for memories that they can keep. So, be sure not to forget hiring a photographer and a videographer. You can choose a team to do this so that you can get some sort of package discount.

  • Florists and Decorations

Don’t forget the wedding flowers. Wedding flowers add so much meaning to weddings especially the one you’ll be throwing as tradition dictates. Wedding Flowers Orange County is the best place to look for wedding flowers for different seasons.

  • Stylist

Today is your day. It’s important that you look your best on this very important day. No one should grab that spotlight other than you. You can also arrange a stylist for your wedding entourage.

  • Caterers

What’s a wedding without the food? Don’t forget your caterers. You can hire someone who does both food and drinks. That way, everything is well coordinated. Also, you can select the menu yourself. Do a food tasting early on in your planning.

  • Cake

The symbolic cutting of the cake is still famous today. Wedding cakes can be expensive so you can try for cheaper alternatives. You can just have a small one with cute toppers to make it perfect.

  • Honeymoon

Wedding planning doesn’t end with the wedding. You also have to plan ahead your honeymoon. If you can’t afford out of town travels, you can just go to local spots. Besides, honeymoon is all about you and your loved one.

Weddings can be a hassle but they are fun. The planning can cause pressure but it’s so worth it, from the moment you walk the aisle and say “I do”.