Hiring A wedding catering Orange County

Hiring A wedding catering Orange County

When you first meet with a caterer, it might seem like a small event because you would have to talk about yourself and what you want. At the same time, you would also have to consider what the company is saying and how your wants can be improved for the pleasure of your guests. You might think that hiring a caterer is an easy thing wherein you simply have to dial the number of the catering company and they will be there at the event when you need them but the truth is, you would have to work with them hand in hand every step of the way so that they can provide the best food products for your guests.


The first step is always to consider different wedding catering Orange County companies that are usually advertising online or have been recommended to you by some friends. You can review their different qualifications so that you can view what their style is. You have to know what their specialty is and if you honestly believe that you can work well with them in order to provide the right food at the event.

The second step is to narrow down your search by meeting with the caterers themselves and discussing a few things. Aside from the fact that you would have to talk about yourself, you also have to be specific about the things that you like and did not like. From there, a caterer will be able to decipher what type of menu can be offered to you.

The third step is to choose the caterer that you like best to have an effective wedding catering Orange County and start planning the things needed from there.

Things You Have to Remember

Discuss Costs

More often than not, people feel a bit shy about how much they are willing to spend for the food that they are going to serve their guests. You have to remember that there is nothing to worry about because caterers understand this perfectly. From the budget that you have given them, they can start working on the menu based not only on the cost but your other specifications.

Choose Food Presentation

There are different types of food presentation that you have to consider like seated, buffet and station. The seated type of food presentation is the one usually done in weddings wherein people sit down while the caterers’ different courses starting from the soup or the appetizer till the dessert. If you would like your guests to feel freer, you can choose the buffet food presentation wherein people will stand and get the food and serve themselves. The station may be the most expensive food presentation because you have to have different stations that serve different type of food.

Do Food Tasting

When you do food tasting, you will be able to pinpoint what type of food you will be serving to your guests. You will know what tastes okay and what you would like to change so that it can be better. There are some people who let the caterer do all the work then blame the caterer afterwards when they have expected much more than what was served.

Consider these tips well and it is likely that you will be able to find the right wedding catering Orange County that will appeal to you and your taste. Do not be hasty in choosing. It is recommended that you start looking for a caterer months before the actual event so that you will not feel pressured while the event is taking place.