Food Ideas for Your Wedding

Food Ideas for Your Wedding

On the day of a wedding, you should never have to worry about Food Ideas. A wedding is perhaps the most significant day in the life of any man or woman, and if your wedding happens to be the event in question, you should try your hardest to avoid the curse of forgettable meals. After all, your guests may show up to your wedding with the distinct hope of experiencing food as good as the ceremony itself, and you should dress (or cook, in this situation) to impress. Finding the balance between excellent dessert options and mouth-watering entrée options can be time consuming, but if you examine your menu with the help of a wedding planner or outside service from catering, you can ensure that your food will be the talk of the town.


Food Ideas for Your WeddingOne of the most essential considerations when preparing a wedding menu revolves around the guests and their particular health considerations. You should always be conscious of anybody who has severe food allergies or who is otherwise incapable of eating particular foods, since most people fail to think twice while taking food from a buffet or while being handed plates that have already been constructed. While this is just a general tip, you should be sure to adhere to these standards of basic courteousness and think about allergies in your potential courses.

For a wedding planner Orange County is a fantastic option, and can seem like the best choice for catering. Some planners are based out of BeDazzleMyEvents, which has a reputation for excellent planning, catering, and event monitoring activities. These areas have massive variety in terms of their potential menu items, since California has coastal areas for fresh seafood, as well as free-range animal ingredients for your courses. Some options, such as steak or roasted meat dishes, can be a perfect complement to your lighter or more healthful options, such as an elegant salad with bold, fresh flavors and dressings. Your planner will be able to analyze a menu and immediately come up with contrast and pairings, which will help to round out the menu and provide a sense of fullness when the guest eats each course in sequence.

When selecting your dessert, be mindful of the cake that you may be already serving. Consider a lighter option, such as a type of sorbet or even a small tort, which will leave guests the ability to eat the wedding cake and enjoy a different or more varied experience when eating your desserts. Be sure that the catering company is aware of when you plan to serve these items, and that they will be chilled or properly warmed, respectively, depending upon when you choose to have them brought out. Your wedding planner can assist in making sure that the desserts are matched well by wine choices or after-dinner liquor, but you should also have a personal hand in deciding how you want to structure the dessert and after-dinner drinks, based mainly on your idea of the wedding theme.