Find the perfect pipe and drape in Orange County

Find the perfect pipe and drape in Orange County

Do you have a school play coming up and you need to find the right batch of pipes and drapes in Orange County? Have you searched everywhere but is still unable to get the deep purple backdrop that you badly need? Be bothered no more because you can get all that you need from Bedazzle My Events. You will be surprised that it only takes a couple of minutes for experts to assemble pipe and drapes, especially if living in Orange County.Pipe and drape Orange County

These pipes and drapes sold in Orange County are free standing structures and you can assemble them anywhere that you want.  Nonetheless, it is recommended that you speak with a professional as it is important that you make sure these drapes panels and support rods are of good strength. You would not want to see the back drop of your stage to fall down when you are in the middle of your conference or performance. There are four main parts of these structures. They include the base, the panel support rod, the panels and the adjustable centre rod.

Familiarize yourself with Pipes and Drapes

If you want pipe and drape in Orange County for a stage performance then you need to familiarize yourself with a few terms so that you can understand them better. The main part of a stage curtain in called the valence since it is the part that is most visible. After the valence the main drape is the curtain that needs to be eye catching as it occupies most of the area in front of the stage. If you have ever gone to see a live play then you would notice that there is a big curtain that is opened and closed when the scenes change. That is what is called as the main drape. If you want to have an elegant look to your play then you need to pick the color for these pipes and drapes in Orange County very carefully.

The backdrop is the drape that comes behind the stage. You would want to have a big neat and clean cloth since this is what will give your play the vibe that you want to create. Color is important when it comes to deciding how the stage should be. If you have never picked out pipes and drapes in Orange County, then you can contact us today here at Bedazzle My Events. We have years of experience in planning weddings and organizing events. We can provide you with much more than pipes and drapes. If you are looking for cutlery and glassware in order to that you can host a fancy dinner party at your new home, then you can get all that you need by just making a simple phone call to Bedazzle My Events at (310) 437-3748. We are the party planners providing pipes and drapes in Orange County.