Event and Wedding Rentals in Riverside

Event and Wedding Rentals in Riverside

Why Saying “Yes” to Event Rentals in Riverside Has Become a Trend?

Event rentals in Riverside, CA and in other states across the United States have witnessed a sudden increase in the number of people saying “Yes” to their services. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, as the event planning and wedding industry has become a booming business for a reason.
Event planning companies offer soon-to-be-married couples, corporations, and people in general planning an event such as a birthday party the convenience to streamline the entire planning process by ensuring everything, from the décor, food, band, location, to caterers, goes smoothly.

Each year, 1.83 million meetings and events are organized in the United States.
26% of couples hired a professional wedding planner to plan their wedding in 2015.

Why Numerous People Are Saying “Yes” to Event Rental Companies?

All over the United States, saying “Yes” to an event rental and wedding planning company has become a trend. A trend, which is not a fad. Event rentals and wedding planning will not disappear overnight, but will continue to grow. These days, people do not want the hassle of planning an event.
For instance, couples planning their wedding on their own will have to deal with the daily stress of choosing vendors, location, décor, wedding dress, and other issues that arise outside of the wedding. Their stress level is off the charts with last minute wedding details adding to their stress. Couples want to enjoy their wedding planning and event rental experience and would like an expert to handle the details.

The job of an event planner ranks at number 5 on the list of the most stressful jobs to have in 2018.
Planning a wedding is the 7th most stressful thing to do, placing before job dismissal, marital reconciliation, and retirement.

For wedding, corporate, and party rentals in Riverside, wouldn’t it be less stressful to say “Yes” to an event rental company than saying “No” to one and taking the responsibility yourself? — You decide!
With California coming in first place with 7,150 job openings in the event planning business, it is safe to assume that the state’s growing market for event planners is due to the increased demand for their wedding and event services among the residents.

Industry experts predict that the event and wedding planning industry will expand by 10% with more than 100,000 open positions available in the United States, thus further proof that several people are engaging the service of an event planner.

This is because people not trained in planning events have started to realize the immense stress and pressure that comes with the job whereas a professional event rental company has experience planning and organizing all kinds of events and ensuring its success. Trust BeDazzle My Events and leave it to the experts to handle your wedding or event.

Professional event planners know how to handle stress and work under pressure. They will not let stress and pressure reach you, as they have the skill to dissolve issues before they reach you and will only burden you with them when it becomes absolutely necessary. Event and wedding planners in Riverside will make the day be flawless even if there are hi-cups in the way.

Why You Need to Jump on the Bandwagon and Hire Event Rentals in Riverside?

As stated previously, event planning is the fifth most stressful job to have. For someone who is inexperienced in planning events, the likelihood of making a mistake when planning a wedding or event is high. Keep in mind that planning an event will mentally and physically drain you and why shouldn’t it?

You are stepping into the shoes of a job that ranks fifth as the most stressful job. On top of it, you may lack experience in the event planning department. Even with a little experience, you may not have any connections in the wedding planning industry, thus making your job even tougher. Planning a wedding or event is not easy.

Even if you have connections, you might not receive a discount, as you plan events as a hobby, not a profession. On the other hand, a professional company with experience in corporate, wedding, and party rentals in Riverside brings with them a team of experts that handle different responsibilities and a long line of trusted connections they have maintained through the years.

What Can Go Wrong If You Don’t Bring an Event Planner Onboard?

Everything can wrong if you don’t bring an event planner onboard to plan your event or wedding. By planning the event yourself, here are problems you may encounter:
 Lose the venue due to an error in miscommunication. Although this is rare, it can still happen.
 Lose track of budget. You forget to update your budget, causing you to exceed it.
 Leave things for the last minute. You delay doing certain things, as they are insignificant and can be achieved later, but that small thing becomes a big thing when left for the last minute.
 Run out of time. You lose track of time or something goes wrong and you don’t know how to resolve it quickly within the timeframe, thus causing panic and frustration.

Here’s Why You Need to Leave Event Planning to the Professionals

Here’s how an event planning company can make your life easier and less stressful:

1. Organizers and Multi-taskers
An event planning in-charge of your event — whether it is on a small-scale or large-scale — will exhibit expert organizational skills. As skilled multi-taskers, they will be working several events at one time, but still be able to give your event or wedding their complete attention all the while going about things in an organized manner.

2. Pay Attention to Detail
Nothing, not even one tiny detail, escapes them. The event rental company ensures they meet your vision and requirements for the event or wedding. They complete each task in a timely manner, thus giving you less to worry about.

3. Time Management Skills
Event Planners possess impressive time management skills, as they have years of experience working tight and time-sensitive deadlines. Their work starts early morning and lasts until nighttime. If they run into a problem during this duration, they have the skills to overcome the hurdles and resolve it. For instance, if a caterer cancels the last minute such as day before the event, they have a back-up ready to show up because the show must go on!

4. Accommodate All Budgets
In 2017, weddings in the United States cost $25,764 with couples spending anywhere from $19,323 and $32,205, but 50 percent of couples spent less than $15,000. This indicates that every couple has different budgets and they need to make their wedding possible within their budget.
By planning their own wedding or event, couples may lose sight of their budget and end up exceeding it, thus putting themselves in a bad place financially. By hiring a company, specializing in event rentals in Riverside, they can obtain the best things within their wedding and event budget, as professionals receive discounts. Professionals also make sure they stay within their client’s allocated budget while not compromising on quality.

5. Offer a List of Possible Venues

If you don’t have a venue selected for your corporate event, party, or wedding, you can ask the event rental company to provide you with a list of possible venues you can choose from. Once you have selected your venue, they will help you book it. Since they have organized several different types of events in the past, they can provide you with a couple of venues that meet your requirements. They will find the perfect location for your event or wedding.

6. Communication Skills

Event planners, during the span of their long career, deal with several different personalities. For each person, they require a different approach. For that, they require expert communication skills.

In fact, event management training schools emphasize the importance of communication for the successful execution of an event. They will also communicate with you throughout the planning process.

They will periodically update you on the event’s progress. Most importantly, they will remain calm in the face of an obstacle and refrain from panicking by using their problem-solving skills to develop solutions.

Have You Now Decided to Hire Event Rentals in Riverside?

If you have decided to hire an event management company to plan your wedding, party, or corporate event, choose one that also offers lounge furniture rental and wedding draping in Los Angeles, CA.

In doing so, you will receive access to thousands of wedding, event, and party rental items such as draping, lighting, furniture, tents, chairs, lounge furniture, and lots more. People who take advantage of this two-in-one offer are not only couples, but also businesses, planning to organize a corporate event.

Businesses require the services of companies, offering event planning and event rentals in Riverside, due to their ability to plan an event that meets their vision and objectives. Event managers can plan the following corporate events:

 Conferences
 Trade Shows
 Grand Openings
 Product Launches
 Fundraising Events
 Company Retreats
 Corporate Meetings
 Many More

3 Steps to Take to Plan Your Event

If you have engaged the services of an event rental and management company in Riverside, you need to take the following four steps to plan your event:

 Do You Know Your Budget?

Before you contact an event rental and management company, you need to determine the amount of money you can spend on planning your event, party or wedding. Once you have a budget, you can provide them to the event manager, handling your event, and they will provide you with options that come within your budget.

 What Are Your Objectives?

You need to let your event manager know the type of vendor you are looking to arrange for your event and what you expect from each vendor. You should create a detailed list of all the items and equipment you need for your event. Draping, lighting, chairs, tables, etc. are a few items to take into consideration when planning your event, party or wedding.

Your event manager can assist you with this part of the event planning process. If you have a hired an event management company that also deals in party rentals, they will provide you with all furniture and decorative elements you need for your event.

 What Questions You Need to Ask?

Some of the questions you need to ask vendors who provide you with their services for the event include:

 Will your equipment arrive on time?
 Will your equipment properly function?
 Will you and your team arrive to the event as scheduled?
 Will you provide me with constant updates on the progress of the event?
 Will you communicate all the details as they emerge concerning the event?
 Will you provide me with your complete attention, from start to finish?
 Will you provide me with a portfolio and any references of pervious clients you have planned events for in the past?
 Will there be any hidden or unexpected surprises in terms of cost?

However, if you are hiring an experienced company, specializing in party rentals in Riverside, you will not have to worry about dealing with vendors directly. The event rental and wedding planning company will take care of all the major and minor details on your behalf, which include consulting with vendors that you have approved of, from time to time.

Always Perform Research

You should perform research before you choose an event rental and management company in Los Angeles, CA. You require a company you can depend on and trust to help you plan a successful corporate event, party, and wedding. Choose a company like BeDazzle My Events to help with all your event and wedding planning party rentals.

If you want to make event planning an effortless process, you should contact us and say “Yes” to event rentals in Riverside today. Sometimes, it is good to follow trends, and this is one time that you should follow the trend to consult with professionals who can make event planning easier and less of a hassle for you.

Do you know who can assist you with both event rental and planning? — BeDazzle My Events! We can help you plan your event and provide you with the furniture, draping and lighting you need to make it a hit.

You can get in touch with us to learn more about our wedding rentals, party rentals, event rentals, and event planning services. Contact us today for more information and lets start planning!