Draping for Wedding in Los Angeles — For that Soft and Romantic Touch| BeDazzle My Events

Draping for Wedding in Los Angeles — For that Soft and Romantic Touch| BeDazzle My Events

Draping for Wedding in Los Angeles — For that Soft and Romantic Touch

Every month, couples across the United States tie the knot, but let’s rewind back to a few months before the wedding.

Let’s look at the team behind the wedding — besides the couple, you have an entire team dedicated to ensure that the venue where the couple says their “I do” looks exactly how they dreamed it would look on their special wedding day — Perfect! An event rental and wedding planning company like BeDazzle My Events can do just that. Check out our prices in our inventory to view what we have in store for your event.

With 2.3 million couples getting married in the United States each year, making most of their dream wedding come true is an event rental company, specializing in event décor, furniture rental, and draping for wedding in Los Angeles.

On that note, did you know that Los Angeles, California is fourth on the list as one of the best places for couples to get married!

Since planning a wedding is not an easy task, often couples hire wedding planners to plan their wedding. Planning a wedding is also an expensive task, costing couples on average $33,391. It could get a little more expensive when adding rental items such as draping and lighting for your event.

How do these couples reduce wedding costs? They go for the two-in-one solution, choosing a wedding and event planning company that also offers party rentals in Riverside or Los Angeles. Not only can they plan your wedding, but they can also provide you with an array of furniture such as draping for wedding and other rental items in the Los Angeles area.

We mention draping for Los Angeles weddings because without drapes, no event is complete. Draping rental is a huge trend in the Riverside and Los Angeles areas. Plus, by renting furniture and draping for your wedding or event, you are saving money. The money you save can go towards your honeymoon, which costs couples on average $4,466 in the United States, and your honeymoon alone makes up 14% of your wedding budget. Consider the rental of draping and lighting in the Los Angeles and Riverside areas.

If you are planning your wedding in Los Angeles, California, know that it’s the eleventh most expensive place to tie the knot, costing couples on average $44,142. BeDazzle My Events can help reduce the cost of your wedding event rental and draping options today in the Los Angeles and Riverside counties.

Therefore, a two-in-one solution is a must for you!

Draping for Wedding in Los Angeles Makes Your Special Day Talk of the Town

The event and wedding décor for the venue costs couples on average $2,379 and couples with a limited budget need to address certain areas of their wedding where they can save money. This is why the choice to go with a company that plans weddings and offers furniture rentals and draping for wedding in Los Angeles has become favorable among couples, even those who have the budget for both planning and event décor.

Would you rather deal with an event planner and company offering event rentals in Riverside separately or would it be more convenient for you to deal with one point of contact? It is definitely easier on your budget and planning when it comes to getting your rentals and draping from one company like BeDazzle My Events in the Los Angeles and Riverside areas.

Most probably, you would pick the latter option to hire a company offering draping for wedding in Los Angeles along with a wedding planning service. One of the most important rentals an event planning and rental company provides couples is draping and lighting.

Draping makes a large part of your wedding in the Los Angeles and Riverside counties, as they are the main attraction of the venue, you need to familiarize yourself with three of the most popular ways you can use draping and drapes to draw attention to your wedding venue:

 Use drapery to create accent swags. If you are opting for a rich, bold, and appealing look, use accent swags on tables, add dimension to a tent, and use draping in your wedding or event as the backdrop for pictures to create a dramatic setting. Call us today if you are in the Riverside or Los Angeles areas.

 Use white draping to create layers and add depth to the venue’s décor. You can place a sheer fabric on top of a heavy and solid fabric on pipes. Use the layered effect of the draping for the seating area and stage at the venue to create an elegant, sophisticated, and aesthetically appealing look.

 Use white draping to create columns. You can create free-standing, stylish, and eye-catching columns to enhance the décor of the wedding or event and divide areas.

 Use draping to create curved drapes to create a curved effect around the block off display tables, entrance of the tent, and catering tables at your wedding or event.

How else can you enhance the look of the drapes? You can add lighting to the drapery. This will create more dimension and enhance the beautiful décor of the wedding or event venue, making it stand out. You want the guests to go “Wow!” You want to go “Wow!” A great way to achieve that “Wow” factor is to go with draping for wedding in Los Angeles.

7 Different Themes to Create Using Wedding Draping in Los Angeles

Previously, we told you about how draping can add and enhance the “Wow” factor at your wedding, but to create that “Wow” factor, you need to create a theme using the draping.

Coming with a theme on top of your head is difficult, but if you are seeking the assistance of a wedding rental company, like BeDazzle My Events, can advise you on the most popular themes they can create you for using their premium quality draping for wedding in Los Angeles and the Riverside areas.
Some fabulous draping for wedding in Los Angeles themes you can ask them to create include:

1. White Wedding

An event rental company, like BeDazzle My Events, can transform your event or wedding into a white wonderland. They can add sheer white chiffon draping to the passageways and adorn them with greenery. They can create the tiebacks for the curtains using beautiful white florals and event lighting. They can furnish the entire wedding or event venue with stunning white furniture for rental.

2. Romantic Wedding
Fill the wedding or event venue with romance and love by adding sheer draping panels on tall ceilings to accentuate the height. If your wedding venue has tall ceilings, use sheer drapery to highlight its ethereal beauty. Draping, lighting and event rentals such as these in the Los Angeles and Riverside areas is just what you need.

3. Fairytale Wedding
Does your venue have a dramatic staircase? If it does, you can ask your event or wedding rental company to drape the stairway with beautiful draping and line the path with candles. The glow from the candles will give you that romantic and fairytale theme that you are going for.

4. Coastal Wedding
You can decorate the outdoor area of the wedding or event venue in Los Angeles or Riverside with string lights and sheer ceiling drapery. If you can’t go to the beach for your wedding, your event and wedding rental company will bring the beach to you. If you dreamed of having a coastal wedding, your wedding planner can make that happen for you.

5. Rustic Barn Wedding
If you have picked a rustic barn wedding, ask the company you have chosen for draping for wedding in Los Angeles to decorate the wedding venue with drapery panels. Drapery panels will soften your theme, but not take away from the rustic barn vibe you are trying to achieve with your wedding and event décor.

6. Outdoor Wedding
Create a traditional outdoor wedding or event theme using flowy drapery. You can decorate the venue with greenery and flowers. You can even adorn the drapery with greenery and flowers. With an outdoor wedding, you have the freedom to transport yourself and your guests into another country with simply draping rentals. For instance, your event rental company can create a theme that reminds you of Paris or Tuscany. Call BeDazzle My Events today to get a quote on draping event rentals and all wedding rentals in the Los Angeles and Riverside cities.

7. Crisscross Wedding
Crisscross draping for your event or wedding is a theme that can make any large space feel more intimate and comfortable. If you have booked a large venue for your wedding, you can opt for this theme. Your event planner will add long drapery that crisscrosses back and forth and cascades down the sides to create a sophisticated and fluttery effect.

With draping for wedding in Los Angeles, you can make any theme possible! Call BeDazzle My Events today for draping, lighting and event rentals in Riverside and Los Angeles.

Draping Has the Power to Transform Your Wedding Venue

Why draping for wedding in Los Angeles is so essential, you ask? Sometimes, you don’t get the venue of your choice and have to settle for a mediocre option. This happens all the time do to wedding and event budgets. Just because you couldn’t book a wedding or event venue of your choice, doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like the wedding venue of your dreams. BeDazzle My Events can make any mediocre wedding or event seem like you were working with a million dollar budget.

What do you think event rentals in Riverside, like BeDazzle My Events is for? They rent out draping for weddings so couples can transform the wedding or event venue. If you run into the following problems with your wedding venue, think draping and lighting, event rentals to hide:

 Poorly maintained roof
 Roof is too high
 Roof has ceiling fixtures you don’t like

Your wedding planner will use beautiful drapes as draping to conceal the ceiling. Using the drapes, they will transform your venue and take the décor to the next level at your event or wedding. If your wedding venue was dull and boring before, it will be dull and boring no more!

To hide the hideous ceiling, your wedding planner will use a ceiling drape to create a warmer and intimate ambiance. The ceiling draping will also create an illusion of a low ceiling. Use a ceiling drape to hide what you don’t like about the venue and highlight and bring to attention what you do like about the venue or wedding space.

Therefore, you need to hire a professional wedding rentals and planning company to help you transform your drab venue into an amazing one! Although you can hire a wedding planner and wedding rental company, it would be easier if you hire a company that offers both services — planning and rentals.
If they do, you can be confident, knowing that they know exactly what to do when they run into these issues with the wedding or event venue:

 You want to hang drapes in your wedding venue, but the venue has no place to anchor the drapes. Your wedding planner, having years of experience planning weddings and decorating event venues, will know how to hang a ceiling drape in the venue. If not possible, they will come with creative ways to conceal what you don’t like about the venue.

 One of the main reasons you need a professional is because venues only allot a few hours to the wedding planner to decorate the event. Since you have hired a company for draping for wedding in Los Angeles and Riverside areas, they will be in and out of the venue within the given time frame. In short, when you have professionals around, you don’t have to concern yourself on how the wedding and event décor for your venue is coming along because the professionals will be on it!

Do your wedding planner one favor, inform the venue that you plan to use a ceiling draping. If you don’t ask in advance and book the venue, only to find out that the venue doesn’t allow you to drape the ceiling, even your wedding planner will not be able to change their mind.

Not to worry because if you have hired a professional company like BeDazzle My Events, offering wedding rentals and event planning, they can still provide you with the elements you need to transform your venue. When you see your completed and revamped venue, its transformation will take you aback, and that’s the difference between professionals and amateurs will be anything but subtle.

Are Draping for Weddings Only?

Of course, not! Although draping for wedding in Los Angeles and the Riverside counties have become all the rage, but when were they not used for weddings, the area used for all corporate events and birthday parties as well.
Unless you have picked a theme for your corporate event, the safe choice for drapes is to go with black colored drapes, and here’s why:

 Mask stage lights
 Have limited transparency
 Highlight other features of the venue

You need to opt for heavy-duty black drapes that hang flat on the ground. You can even use them to create a partition to divide two groups on either side of the venue. By renting drapes for your event, you also leave a good impression on others.

If you had bought drapes for the event, they would be kept inside, and taken out whenever you host your next event. Since you are renting it from BeDazzle My Events event rentals in Riverside, you know that the company will continue to reuse them for other events.

To save time and money, you can ask them to decorate the venue with white lounge furniture that represents your brand. Once the event ends, they will be responsible for removing all the furniture, not you.

You can relax, knowing your event was a success because you made the smart decision to outsource your event planning and rental needs to a company that knows what it needs to do to enhance your brand’s image among people.

Who Should You Hire for Draping for Wedding in Los Angeles?

By now, you should know that without draping, your venue will look bland. Whether you are planning a wedding or organizing a corporate event, you understand the importance of decorating your venue with beautiful drapes. Draping is key to a successful event.

If you are looking for professionals who do both — plan and decorate — you need to hire — BeDazzle My Events! We can provide you with draping for wedding in Los Angeles as well as draping for parties and corporate events.

Whatever you need for your wedding or event, know that we are a call away! BeDazzle My Events is here to make things easier for you, not hard! Call us today! We can’t wait to give your venue a makeover with furniture and draping for wedding and events in the Los Angeles and Riverside area.