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Preparing for a Perfect Wedding! Incorporating New and Old Wedding Trends and Traditions

Preparing for a Perfect Wedding

Customs and traditions are usually set in stone, especially when it comes to beliefs about happy events like engagements, birthdays, and most of all, weddings. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t add something distinct to the mix.

Sure, it’s easy to follow old rules like the groom mustn’t see the bride before the ceremony, the bride must wear her engagement ring on the ring finger of the left hand, she must have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue—the list goes on.

But if you want to add a new tradition or jump on the trend bandwagon, there’s no rule out there that says you can’t.

As a company that offers rentals for events such as weddings and parties in Los Angeles, BeDazzle My Events caters to a fair share of fashionable people who like to be on-trend who also want to respect traditions.

They try to pay homage to both the past and the present by incorporating different ideas into their ceremony and reception.

So if you’re looking for ideas on traditions new and old, here’s a list that will surely inspire you to come up with your own plans for one of the happiest days of your life!

Classic Wedding Traditions to Incorporate in Your Wedding Ceremony

Before we begin, keep one thing in mind.

Wedding ideas—while wonderful and memorable—can backfire pretty badly, so think twice before springing a surprise on your guests or your soon-to-be partner.

For example, one tradition that has not stood well against the test of time is smashing cake in a person’s face. Though cute and funny on camera, only go ahead with this idea if you have your partner’s consent r.

Some people feel embarrassed by the antic, so rather than ruining their mood on what is supposed be a happy day, ask before proceeding with any of these traditions on your wedding day!

– Cans Tied to the Bumper of the Wedding Getaway Car

Cans Tied to the Bumper of the Wedding Getaway Car

This idea stems from the French custom of warding off evil spirits in the vicinity by throwing a Charivari. The celebration would take place the night before the wedding, where friends and neighbors would walk down streets with pots and pans, banging them loudly and making as much noise as possible.

These days, it’s dwindled to tying cans to the back of a moving car, but you could adapt the trick by tying ribbons and streamers instead as your own way of adding color to the Charivari tradition.

– Tying the Knot

Of course, in a sense, that is what you’re doing by getting married. But did you ever wonder where the phrase came from? In the Roman era, the bride and groom’s hand would be tied together during the ceremony, and they would not be released till the marriage was made official.

For your wedding, you can adopt this tradition by having the officiant tie a ribbon around you and your partner’s hand, something which you can then keep for future generations to use.

– Shower of Love

Shower of Love

Rice used to be considered a sign of fertility and prosperity, which is why it became symbolic to shower the couple with something that would bring them good fortune.

Nowadays, most people would argue that showering someone with rice is simply a waste of good rice; but you can still keep the tradition. Replace it with something cuter; like confetti, bubbles or even sparklers.

– Something Blue

While the something old, something new, and something borrowed make their way into your wedding proceedings, it’s the something blue that’s tossed to the side.

However, the color blue has great significance because in reality, because it has represented purity dating back to the early days of Christianity. Adding something blue like a simple ring, perhaps blue flowers or even a blue ribbon can be enough to satisfy this tradition.

– Shaving the Groom’s Face

This is a Greek tradition where a groomsman shaves the groom’s face. One of the groom’s friends can take the opportunity to give their pal a fresh look while celebrating the happy day, and making memories alongside.

– Wearing a Crown

Wearing a Crown

This Norwegian tradition had the bride wear a crown of gold or ornate silver which would also have small, dainty charms hanging off it. When she’d move, the crowd would make tingling sounds.

Harkening back to the idea of the French Charivari tradition, this Norwegian custom downsizes the idea, but it works well anyway. It also gives the bride the chance to wear a gorgeous crown or tiara!

– Releasing Doves

Contrary to popular belief, this tradition isn’t something westerners have come up with!

In reality, this custom stems from the Philippines, where after tying the knot, couples release a pair of white male and female doves. Releasing them represents the start of a happy, harmonious life for the married couple.

– Sneaking Away after the Wedding

Sneaking Away after the Wedding

A common practice in most cases (wink, wink), the idea of sneaking away after the reception has died down is something we should thank the Venezuelans for. It’s considered good luck if the couple can sneak away after the wedding without getting caught.

Though, it’s also good luck for the person catching them if they do end up finding them. Sort of like a grown-up game of hide-and-seek!

– Bride Napping

Now this is something the groomsmen and bridesmaids will definitely have fun working on. The Romanian tradition of bride-napping isn’t something sinister.

Before the wedding, the tradition states that the bride should be, for fun, abducted and taken away to an undisclosed location. The groom is given a ransom demand which he has to satisfy. Typically, this demand consists of a few bottles of wine or alcohol. Though some like to take the opportunity to make fun of their friend—perhaps by making him sing a sappy love song loudly for the whole group to hear!

New Wedding Trends to Incorporate in Your Ceremony

Most of these traditions stem from the need to ward off evil spirits so the ceremony can proceed positively and the couple can begin their life with happiness. However, unless you’re the suspicious sort, there’s really no need to follow all these customs.

Weddings and wedding traditions are all about creating memories, and adding a positive vibe to the occasion. this is why many couples have now taken to following their own ideas, adding twists to the ceremony or just making their event more fun their own way.

If you’re up for the challenge, here are some new wedding trends you can follow and incorporate in your own wedding!

– Releasing Paper Lanterns

Releasing Paper Lanterns

A beautiful and sentimental unity ritual, the ceremony of releasing paper lanterns into the air symbolizes you sending a message into the universe that you two are finally one. While most do opt for just sending out lanterns, you could add to the occasion by having your guests write a message on their lanterns, sort of as a way of sending good vibes and wishes out there as well!

– Adding a Vintage Photo Booth

Haven’t hired a wedding photographer?

Even if good ol’ Uncle Bob has taken the responsibility of taking your official wedding photographs, you’ll still want a keepsake of all your friends and family enjoying the occasion as well. Sp put a unique spin on it! Add some custom lounge furniture (we can help you with that!) and let your guests have fun taking their own photographs.

– Something Borrowed and Something New, with a Twist

While exquisite and breathtaking, your grandmother’s wedding dress has seen better days. So it won’t be possible to wear it for your own wedding. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still make it a part of your special day.

Something Borrowed and Something New, with a Twist

Instead of making alterations to the dress in hopes that it’ll fit you without tearing, adding pieces of fabric from the dress like the lace or the belt or perhaps the veil to your wedding attire works perfectly. The dress won’t be torn apart and you’ll have exactly what you needed.

– A Family Heirloom

Adding a family heirloom to your wedding ensemble is a common practice. However, if your heirloom is a little too flashy or delicate, adding it to your bouquet, your hair or even as a brooch can work. You’ll keep something special near your person, and it’ll look beautiful with your ensemble to boot!

– Matching Tattoos

They can be temporary (or permanent, your call!). But there’s just something about marking yourself with a special design with ink as a reminder of a happy day in your life that makes the idea even more enticing. You can have a minimalist tattoo on your wrist or your forearm. Though if you like, you can have a ring design tattooed on your ring finger, as a way of ensuring that your clumsy spouse never forgets their ring again!

– Embroidery on the Wedding Dress or the Veil

Embroidery on the Wedding Dress or the Veil

One great example is of Angelina’s Jolie’s wedding veil which was covered by artwork by her children! A great way of adding to a personal touch to your wedding attire, you can either have a similar pattern or even your initials stitched in the lining of your gown, or added to your veil. The choice of artwork and illustration is up to you!

– A ‘Unique’ Ring Bearer

Not a new idea but appealing nonetheless! Instead of choosing your tempestuous baby nephew to be the ring bearer, if your pupper is well-behaved enough to make it down the aisle properly, add them to the line-up!

For your dog’s attire, add a themed collar with a tag that has you and your partner’s initials. As for the case in which you’ll keep the rings, have it monogrammed and lined with fabric so your rings can stay safe and snug.

Word of advice: with a dog as a ring bearer, you might want to skip bringing the rings on a pillow, just in case they get distracted and make a run for it.

– Sitting like Royalty

Sitting like Royalty

Instead of having the same seating arrangement as you would for any occasion, take this chance to give yourself a treat. Choose customized or unique chairs for the bride and groom. BeDazzle My Events has a fine selection of gold baroque, gold throne and tufted chairs among others. Have a little fun with the seating!

Feeling Inspired?

The choice of adding customs and traditions to your wedding depends entirely on you and your partner, no matter what your family and friends say.

You’re the ones getting married. So don’t bow to the pressure, do what feels right to you. Want to wear an elaborate tiara that you’ll gift to your future generations? Go for it! Groom not comfortable with the garter ceremony, take it out of the program, stat!

Your wedding is meant to be a celebration of your love for one another. Do what you can to make the most memories for each other.

And alongside, depend on the right vendors so you don’t face any regrets about special décor for the occasion. BeDazzle My Events is a top-rated party rental company in LA and that’s because our clients know that we go above and beyond to make their wishes for their special events possible. Take the chance with us!

With this wedding, celebrate your old traditions, make new ones, follow the trends, do what you’d like. Plan a day that will truly be a festival dedicated to your love and happiness. And at the end of the day, that’s the only thing you should want!

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