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Keep Your Dance Floor Abuzz All Night with These Tips

Dance Floor Abuzz

Weddings are supposed to be all about fun, and a surefire way of ensuring the fun never stops is to make sure there’s a dance floor. With the right choice of music, a quality dance floor, and proper planning, you can ensure that the dance floor is never tired of bearing the burden of excited guests.

Dance is big around the world, and more so in the U.S. than anyplace else. Some of our favorite reality TV shows are dance-related, some of the best dancers were born and bred in this country, and dance is what we like to do best on the weekends.

The dance industry in the country has been growing steadily at 3.5% as of 2013–2018. People like dancing and watching other people dance. More than being a great channel for socialization, dance is also greatly cathartic for the soul.

Whether we’re happy or excited, Americans have a way of dancing their hearts out when the occasion calls. And your wedding deserves the most memorable dance floor night, and we know just how to guide you through the process.

Step 1: Choosing the Right Dance Floor

Contrary to how laymen might think about them, dance floors aren’t a monolith: they come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll have to select one in accordance with the party you’re throwing. So, for instance, if you’re throwing a surprise party for your parents and if you’re having a wedding, you’ll be looking at two different kinds of dance floors. BeDazzle My Events has many exciting options that you can choose from. To give you a better idea, here are the options you can choose from.

White and Seamless

White and Seamless

If you’re thinking elegant, striking, and a very sophisticated looking ensemble, our white seamless dance floor will work wonders for you. This variety is available in a range of sizes from 12×12 to 48×48.

This one is a generally bigger dance floor, and is perfectly suited for huge parties where a troop of guests is expected. The white and seamless dance floor gives off a clean, minimalist, pristine vibe.

White being the go-to color these days, many people choose to go with ivory and pastel décor for weddings. A white and seamless dance floor is bound to look great with such décor. White dance floors are also great if your party is a bit on the professional side, so for instance if you’re throwing an office party, you could definitely go with white and seamless as the safest option. It looks corporate, it looks clean, and it can be a fun color when the dance floor is light up!

Black and White, Chequered

Black and White, Chequered

If you’re feeling particularly devilish (or if you can’t decide between virginal white and bold black), the checkered dance floor is optimal for you. A perfect balance of the yin and yang, this black and white dance floor is both, exciting and semi-formal. It looks disciplined enough, but can get real jazzy real quick when the fun starts.

The dance floor is available in dimensions ranging from 9×12 to 24×24. It’s a relatively smaller dance floor and can fit right in if you’re short on space. And at the end of the day (or at the end of the night), when you’re too tired to dance, you can get right to a Harry Potter-themed life-sized chess game.

black and white striped

We also have a black and white striped variety if you’re more in the mood of a theme closer to something that was famously featured in Twin Peaks.


Tiled and somber, the oak dance floor is one that will appeal to anybody who has ever taken a dance class. Practicing on dance tiles makes one yearn for the more wooden tiled variety, and our oak dance floor does the job exactly right. The quality of the dance floor, the finish, and the deeply satisfying feel of it under your feet will leave you wanting for nothing.

Amazingly facilitating to dancers and amateurs alike, this is a dance floor that you can get for any small event. The oak dance floor is one of our cheapest fares, and is thus ably priced in the hundreds to accommodate you if you’re short on budget. The dimensions available with us range between 9×12 and 21×21.

White and Seamed

White and Seamed

Compared to the white and seamless variety, this is a dance floor which brings new meaning to the word “royalty.” It looks perfectly regal and inviting, an altar almost too sacred to be stepped on.

But the surface of the dance floor is enticing enough to have the entire party raving in minutes, and it makes an absolute stunner as the centerpiece when the bride and groom share their first dance post-valediction.

The dimensions available with us range from 9×12 to 24×24. You have thus a great range of sizes to choose from, and a chance at getting the most Insta-worthy dance floor in all of Los Angeles!

Step 2: Choosing the Right Music

The dance floor has been ordered, the dancers can’t contain their excitement, and the party is only a few days ahead: what remains? The most important thing on the menu: the music!

Getting the right dance floor for your big day is only half the job. We suggest you begin planning your playlist far in advance so you don’t have to shuffle Drake and Celine Dion when the big day finally rolls in. But given how there are so many songs in the world, how do you decide which ones you’re going to go with?

We have some ideas for you.

Your Favorites

It’s your big day, and you deserve the center stage. Even if it’s not your big day and you’re throwing the party, you deserve to select your favorite songs for the event. After all, you’ve been doing all the huffing and all the puffing.

We suggest that you make a list of at least 10 of your most beloved songs (10 because we’re assuming you’re generous enough to allow other people to have other kinds of music too). Do consider shuffling genres and not sticking to one (not all should be Gorillaz songs, for instance).

Ask for Suggestions

Now, because not everyone can be depended upon to have the same great taste in music as you (of course, there will always be people who like K-pop). To make sure people aren’t bored to death because you’re just playing songs you like, you can try asking friends and family for suggestions. You’ll have a good enough list by the end of the day. If you’re really picky enough, you can listen to the songs before finalizing their placement on the list.

Go for Trendy

There’s always some new song released that is all the rage—think of how Despacito and Lean On and Right Round became songs that were being played everywhere, all the time. These are the songs that, no matter how trashy, need to find a spot on the list. Because they’re trending for a reason: they’re easy and great to dance to, and will set the stage abuzz right away. We suggest you play a trendy song as the very first or at least the second song when the session begins.

Select Peppy, Bright, Shorter Songs

Now while it’s completely understandable that you can’t get over Ramin Djawadi’s scores, bear in mind that they all exceed 8 to 9 minutes and are a very somber genre. What we mean to say is: they’re not fit for weddings, unless it’s a red wedding.

What you should go with instead are bright and perky songs, the kind that are meant to cheer you up right away. The kind that make you want to Shake It Off. While you’re wise to play slower songs during the ceremony and dinner and whatnot, the dance episode needs to be lit. And it can’t be lit if you’re playing My Heart Will Go On. Honestly, that’ll just give people a sinking feeling—like we said, not fit for a wedding or a party. What a wreck that would be!

The Songs You Definitely Shouldn’t be Playing

The dark, gloomy, brooding—you know, the generic Leonard Cohen or Black Sabbath tunes you love so much but can only listen to in peace and quiet? Imagine playing Cohen’s Nevermind at a wedding (“I dug some graves/You’ll never find”). Never mind.

We’re not saying all Cohen and Black Sabbath songs are lessons in cynicism (The Stranger Song, I’m Your Man, and Dance Me to the End of Love by Cohen are pretty amazing picks for weddings), but you get the memo: nothing darker than Right Said Fred’s I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt should make the list.

Also, positively DO NOT PLAY The Rains of Castamere.

Step 3: Ensuring There’s Enough Space

Dancing is a sweaty business, and if you don’t want the place to be stinking in a matter of minutes, you need to think about the spacing seriously. Start planning beforehand and if you’re at a loss for what to do, contact a professional event planner to help you out. Cramped, congested dance floors are no fun: people need space to dance.

On the flip side, if you flip and get a dance floor that is too big for the number of guests you have coming over, you’ll have a different kind of trouble on your hands. Dance floors that are too big and not covered with people make people feel exposed and eventually make them feel self-conscious.

You should always look at the number of guests before deciding the dimension of the dance floor that you’re getting. Ideally for 150 people, a 15×15 floor would work best, and so on.

Step 4: Be Clever with the Seating

When you’re planning the seating, take a few liberties. Chalk out from the list of guests a number of people you know love to dance, or are professional dancers. You want these people seated as close to the dance floor as possible, so that they have a hard time resisting the urge to break into a jig when the first song blares away. When pros and aficionados will take the lead, other guests will follow of their own accord, and they’ll feel easier joining in.

Step 5: Interact and Indulge the Guests

To ensure that your event remains a lifelong memory for your guests, you can have the guests request songs and play them. You could also use the RSVP card for this purpose, or even ask people to vote when you have a tough time deciding the best songs of the night—which are usually either the first or the last song.

Step 6: Serve People on the Dance Floor

If you’re worried people would be far too busy in the clank of forks and knives as you’re locked in your first dance, you can take a sneaky shortcut: serve snacks or the wedding cake on the dance floor. Skip the conventional cake cutting, and have the ceremony right after the first dance, and instead of having the cake plated out, ask your waiters to pass it around. In this way you’ll be the definitive center of focus and will get the party going in no time at all.

Step 7: Don’t Stop, Make it Pop!

You could be the awkward newlyweds, or the absolute madlads who can’t help but break a leg on the floor, but the party won’t start till I walk in you take the initiative. Even the President has to dance when sworn in, so you should expect no exemptions. Dig in and don’t wait for others to take the lead. After all, you’re allowed to be a little awkward and confused and clueless on your wedding day!

BeDazzle Your Event!

No dance floor and no party is a dazzling stunner unless you organize it cohesively and have the right rentals around. From the lounge furniture to the lighting and from the flowers to the specialty linens, rest assured BeDazzle My Events will take care of your big day as perfectly as you wish. We’re based in Ontario, California, and supply party and wedding rentals to clients in LA, Orange County, Inland Empire, and Pasadena. Reach out to us today and throw the most bedazzling party in town!


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