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Event Rentals Glendora, Party Rentals Glendora, Wedding Rentals

event rentals, wedding rentals, party rentals

Your wedding day is perhaps, the most important day of your life. If you are having an event in Glendora and need event rentals Glendora, party rentals Glendora, wedding rentals, we are here for you! While you’re looking forward to the wedding ceremony, your guests are excited about all the eating, drinking and dancing at the wedding reception. After planning the ceremony in Glendora, it may be easy to assume that arranging the reception will be a piece of cake – but it’s not! Planning the ‘party’ portion of an event can be rather demanding. 

With a long checklist, organizing, planning, and preparing for a wedding rentals in Glendora can get extremely stressful. From arranging for vendors to booking venues and deciding the menu – there are a gazillion things to do. Most importantly, you want to ensure everything goes perfectly so that you give your guests a party that they’ll never forget!

Worried about ticking all the boxes on your wedding reception planning in Glendora checklist? Don’t fret; we’re here to help you. Here’s a list of everything you need to know while planning the best day of your life:

Decide On a Date for Event Rentals Glendora

Setting a wedding date should be your first priority – it’s a premise for all the other arrangements. Most importantly, a fix wedding date will make it easier to narrow down venue options as venues have to be booked months in advance. Make sure the date falls on a weekend as many people can’t make it on weekdays. Saturday is the most popular day to get married, so finding a location for a Sunday wedding would probably be easier and will help save on your total budget. BeDazzle My Events can help with all your event rentals Glendora, party rentals Glendora, wedding rentals.

Determine your Reception Budget for Event Rentals Glendora

You need to start estimating the overall budget for your events in Glendora. From the venue to the music bands and food arrangements – map out all the requirements and their estimated cost. The reception site requires an estimated number of guests who’ll be attending to give you a better picture of the total cost. However, if you want to remain within your budget, you’ll have to narrow down your guest list. BeDazzle My Events can help with all your event rentals Glendora, party rentals Glendora, wedding rentals. In case you don’t want to go through all this hassle, you can hire event rentals or event planners— they plan everything according to your stated budget.

Pick a Venue for Your Wedding, Event Rentals Glendora

Perhaps one of the key factors of a great reception is the location. The venue is chosen on the basis of a few factors. Not everyone has their wedding venue decided since they were old enough to have a boyfriend. The first thing you need to consider is whether you and your to-be spouse want an indoor or outdoor reception. Once the location is set, BeDazzle My Events can supply you with event rentals Glendora, party rentals Glendora, wedding rentals. For a Sunday afternoon wedding, an outdoor wedding would be beautiful if the right arrangements, such as canopies and tents, are made. For a Saturday evening wedding, perhaps a typical indoor ballroom wedding would be a great option.

If you’re budget conscious, then you need to find a venue that fits your wedding budget. If you have a venue in mind, you need to ensure that its availability matches your wedding date, or you can fix the date depending on its availability.

Print the Invitations for your Event in Glendora

If the wedding date, venue and guest list have been finalized, what’s stopping you from printing out the invitations? Pick out or design beautiful wedding invitations. Send out these ‘save the date’ cards at least a month before and see who RSVPs. This will give you a finalized idea of the guest list.

Make Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangements determine the success of your wedding reception since it’s about the happiness of your guests. A well-thought-out seating chart will go a long way as people like sitting with those they’re familiar with. This will lead to great conversations, interaction and a great dance party – which will make your night unforgettable. For the seats themselves, maybe your venue provider will arrange them for you. Either way, you can hire a good party rental or event rental company to arrange for the seats and tables. They offer a lot of options, from wooden to plastic chairs with different seat covers. We carry everything you need from event rentals Glendora, party rentals Glendora, wedding rentals.

Make Lighting and Décor Arrangements for Your Wedding or Event Rentals Glendora

There are a variety of options you can play around with. For a day outdoor wedding, you won’t require lighting, but you’ll need to make flower arrangements and opt for drapes, maybe a canopy or tent, a stage, etc. For an indoor wedding, you’ll need to make lighting arrangements as well. A stage is super-important for an amazing wedding reception; otherwise, how will the guests enjoy themselves without dancing. Great lighting and décor arrangements will make the reception visually appealing and great for pictures. If you don’t want to stress about looking for decoration vendors, you can easily find party rentals, wedding rentals and event rentals in Glendora.

Decide the Reception Menu for Your Event, Wedding or Party in Glendora

For the majority of the guests, food is an uber-important element of the reception. Your friends and family will praise good wedding food for years to come. Choosing a menu is fun yet very tricky. Some guests have dietary restrictions, which is why the menu should be diverse yet safe. You don’t want someone having an allergic reaction on your wedding day.

Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can either serve plated meals to your guests at the table or arrange a buffet. An additional option you have is that you serve the meals family-style – large plates of a dish are placed in the center and passed around by the guests. For an extra-touch, you can have little food stations for guests to get customized meals, for instance, a mac-and-cheese bar or a sushi-rolling setup. You can ask your caterer for more suggestions and options.

Don’t Forget the Wedding Cake

Depending on the guest list, you can get a two or three-tiered gorgeously white wedding cake. You can either just keep the cake for dessert or arrange for other items – but the cake will be enough. Find a reliable baker to bake your wedding cake.  You can place it on a small cake table and bring it in the center when you’re ready to cut it. Don’t forget to make an announcement before cutting the cake.

Hire a Videographer for Your Event or Party

After all the effort you’ve put into planning this event, you’ll need someone to capture the beautiful and most important moments of your life. From the best man’s speech to your first kiss and your first dance as a married couple, you need someone to take snapshots of those moments. Hire a good and reliable photographer or videographer to ensure you treasure these precious moments forever.

Pick a Great Music Band or DJ

Weddings are incomplete without music and songs. You and your spouse can decide on hiring a music band you both like. You can also hire a DJ if you want to. To make your first dance memorable, you will need some great music! Great bands also know how to keep the crowd going and also encourage audience participation. Ensure that they take breaks at appropriate times and not when you need music the most. And before the event, make sure they also have backup tunes ready!

Plan a Fun Surprise

Planning a fun surprise for your guests will be the cherry on top! You and your spouse can perform a song with the band or maybe have fireworks at the end of the reception.

While many people start planning their wedding day since they are kids, others have a habit of doing things last minute. If you belong to the latter group, it’s suggested that you start planning your wedding day at least a few months prior to the wedding – if you don’t, everything will be super chaotic.

You must have attended many wedding receptions. A good way to go about the planning is to look at it from the guests’ perspective. What do you think your guests require in order to have a splendid time? While moving forward with the wedding preps, make sure you focus on having a wedding that reflects your to-be spouse and your personalities and style – but also arrange a memorable day for your guests.

Usually, guests complain that the reception they attended was disorganized and considerably off-schedule. Many also complain that the dinner took long to be served or that they missed the cake cutting. If you want to avoid all this, then this is where wedding planners come in – they ensure the perfect execution of your dream wedding plans. Regardless of all the pre-planning, mishaps may occur on your big day – event planners, event rentals and wedding rentals are there to make sure no one notices any mishaps. Planning a wedding in Glendora, CA? Wedding rentals and party rentals in Glendora will help relieve your wedding planning stress!

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