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Glamorous Tent Rentals

At BeDazzle My Events, we specialize in giving you a tent event of your dreams. We carry flexible tent structures and rental tents to bring your event to life. With our reliable service and expertise, we can guarantee your event tent rental will meet all expectations. Our staff and event planner specialists will guide you with our friendly and professional services every time.

We have canopies and tents ranging in several different sizes.  Canopies are wonderful for events with a smaller guest count. Our canopies are designed to be freestanding. Freestanding tents and canopies still require some type of anchor system to hold it in place depending on the surface it will be on. Tents and canopies can be placed on grass, dirt and concrete flooring.

Tenting provides a great way to create an intimate event space while simultaneously allowing your guests to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. BeDazzle My Events offers a wide variety of tent sizes to accommodate your event tent rental needs.

Party tent rentals are great for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement parties, outdoor social events, corporate events and more. We offer great prices on tent rentals for all occasions.

Tents are wonderful and cuts costs of venue rentals. Whether it is a clear tent for a beautiful event under the stars or an all white draped chandelier lit tent, tents can be glamorous and affordable at the same time

Call BeDazzle My Events today for more information on tent rentals or any of your event rental needs.

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