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Wedding Planning – Los Angeles

There are very few events in a person’s life as significant as their wedding day. This is a day which symbolizes your eternal love for another person in all its beauty in front of all of your friends and family. Being that this is such a momentous occasion, it can be a particularly stressful event to plan. There is a serious stigma around your wedding day in that most people …Read More

Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Flowers

Your wedding is the one major event of your life where you can have all flowers everything. You can go flower crazy IIFYB (If It Fits Your Budget). Flowers are, after all, one of the most stunning aspects of a wedding. Flowers have been used for ceremonial, spiritual, and decorative purposes at weddings for centuries. Here are some fun and unique ideas for wedding flowers. SEE ALSO: THE PARTY HAPPENS …Read More

The Party Happens on the Dance Floor

Want to infuse life into your special event? Well, what do people do when they go out on the town? The answer is simple: They want to shake that thang! For centuries, humans have responded to music in profound ways. Music invokes emotions, sets the mood for an event, and creates a fun environment, and establishes connections. The perfect dance floor and the perfect rhythm come together to create a …Read More

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Flowers

  Choosing wedding flowers is one of the most important and toughest decisions when it comes to planning a wedding. There are literally thousands upon thousands of choices and combinations and colors. It can be, and is, overwhelming. With so many options, how can you possibly choose the right ones? Well, here are some tips to relieve your wedding flower stress. SEE ALSO: SIGNATURE PARTY RENTALS ORANGE COUNTY Find flowers …Read More

Signature Party Rentals Orange County

Draping and the Transformation of a Wedding – Signature Party Rentals If you are looking for the perfect way to set the tone and /  or theme of your dream wedding, consider jumping on the wall and ceiling draping bandwagon. Wall and ceiling draping is one of the ultimate wedding accessories to transform a room in a variety of ways. Plus, it is just absolutely beautiful. It creates a magical yet …Read More

Wedding Centerpieces in Los Angeles: Unique Pieces to Keep Them Talking

The centerpieces that you choose for your big day are a major decision. They complement your wedding theme and your wedding colors, and they are what every guest will see as they sit down to enjoy the delicious and decadent meal that will be served during your wedding festivities. Centerpieces are one of the wedding accessories that will completely transform your wedding and make it stand out from the rest …Read More

Wedding catering Los Angeles

Possibly the most important day in many of our lives, men and women alike; our wedding day signifies a commitment, a promise, before our friends and family that we will honor and cherish our better half. Anything less than perfection on this day is unacceptable and I’m sure you would agree. As we know with the coming of this joyous day, it is also accompanied with stress and lots of …Read More

Party Rentals Pasadena

Have you ever been to an event and have been impressed by the setting, you know things like color scheme or decorations? You may have wondered well how in the world they pulled this off, then I have two simple words for you, party rentals. It’s basically your all around one stop shop to design your perfect occasion whether it is a wedding, a ceremony, or your child’s birthday party …Read More

Party Rentals Glendale

It seems that in modern times the idea of simplicity and convenience are being taken into consideration in all facets of society. Some might say this is making our society lazy but it should be said that this is a good thing. Why? We are gaining more time in our day; we can do more and for the first time processes like going to the grocery store can be mapped …Read More